How Did Jesus Make People Feel?

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There are a lot of answers to that question. I am sure some people were convicted of their sin while others were filled with joy. Some got even harder hearts while others hearts were melted. There were many different responses to Jesus and there is no one answer to how Jesus made everyone feel but I had an experience today that reminded me of how I am sure some people felt when they met Jesus. We were visiting hospitals and shutins today. When the elevator door opened one of our church members was standing there talking to some co-workers. When she saw us she lit up, dropped everything and just started going on and on making us feel so special. She hugged us and laughed and had so much joy! She said just by seeing us we made her day. She started walking us around and introducing us to whoever she could find. She was so proud that we were there with her. It was like we were the most important thing in her life for that moment. I can’t tell you how special that made me feel. I was smiling the whole time. It felt contagious. I wanted to do this to someone else but it doesn’t come quite as naturally to me as it does to this sister. Even still I am determined to make someone else feel that special. I should probably start with my wife! It made me wonder, “Is this how people felt when they encountered Christ?” I can’t help but think some did and I started to wonder how I could make others feel just that special too.

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