Have You Ever Been Investigated?

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I was just reading John 9 where Jesus heals a man born blind. What Jesus did was so amazing and unbelievable that the Pharisees began an investigation. It got me wondering if I have ever done anything that got people really asking questions. Now one time I posted some links to the Nooma materials online that other people had uploaded and some of the people who visited the blog appeared to have been a legal firm of some sort but nothing ever came of that. Maybe I live in such a comfortable and confined space that it leaves few people wondering. I get caught up in teaching, writing curriculum, counseling, doing pastoral work, and so many other things that I do little to nothing that the world finds worthy of investigating. If that is the closest thing I can think of then maybe I am aiming too small. I don’t think we need to stir up controversy everywhere we go or seek to stir the pot at every turn. But what would change about our message and mission if we really mirrored the life and ministry of Jesus Christ?

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