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I buy books off amazon quite frequently and I would like to do so through readers of this blog. So if you use the amazon referral program comment on this post and I will have a look. I have several books I am needing to order in the next couple days. Also, in the next week or so I should have several books to give away on this blog thanks to those of you who have been ordering through my amazon associates referral links!

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  1. I have a search box toward the bottom of by blog on the sidebar. It takes you to the search engine at my old blogspot blog (since WP doesn’t have this feature). I always order through other bloggers’ Amazon links, so I appreciate others who do likewise.

    1. Jason,

      Thanks for letting me know that. I just placed a large order that should have gone through via your referral link. May want to check and see.

  2. Matt: Thanks, brother. I checked just a minute ago and nothing was there, but I don’t know the lag between orders and the updates. Either way, thanks again–I’ll return the favor. I have place an order in the next few days, so I’ll do it through your link.

    1. It should have showed up by now. When I made the purchase I made sure that there was some sort of referal info in the URL so I am pretty sure it should have credited you.

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