VBS – John Alan Turner Take

If you are involved in VBS you might want to read what John Alan Turner wrote about it. I just wish he had been more direct and didn’t beat around the bush so much.

Being Honest About VBS

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  1. Jerry Starling says:

    My wife would agree with Turner on VBS 100%. I also think he is right on target. VBS is little more than a glorified baby-sitting service. It is certainly not outreach as we do it today. I have seen it be effective outreach – back in the 1960’s & 70’s – but not recently. The VBS programs I have seen in the past 30 years have been a lot of work for little to no return – except that the kids build some memories of having fun.

    Is that what we spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and countless hours of volunteer work to get? Some memories of having fun at church? I really don’t think so!

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