If the World Ends in October, Why Accept Donations and Why Not Give The Money Back?

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Wouldn’t you think a group that believed they would be raptured away this past weekend would not be accepting online donations at this point? If you don’t believe you are going to be here next week or in a few months why take people’s money? What is all that money going to do while you are gone? The Family Radio website is still accepting donations. They say there will be no new billboards and no more big advertisements for the end. We have been warned sufficiently. So if you guys really believe what you preach then make a pledge to never take a dollar of anyone’s donation money ever again. You don’t expect to be here past October anyway. Fair enough? Really, the fair thing to do would be to give back the $16 million in contributions they receive annually from people who really thought this was going to happen last weekend (based on $80 million total from 2005-2009). It would only be right, Christian even 🙂

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    1. So he took the Jehovah-Witness-way out of his predicament. He still has October 21 to contend with. What happens when the world isn’t destroyed on October 21? What will his answer be then? We shall see!

  1. The more I hear about the predictions that Camping makes and the money his organization accepts, the more it seems like just a good way to use religion as a means of conning people and swindling money out of them. It would be nice if his organization would open their financial records and show that all the money they are receiving in donations is being used for the purposes for which they are soliciting it in the first place.

    1. But if they solicit you based on the world ending would that be legit? But back to the original post…why would they need money and why would anyone give money if the world was coming to an end? Advertising? I guess that would be the motivation…send us money and we will let the world know the time is near. So that would be part of the question…if that is their purpose in soliciting people how much money actually goes toward that and how much is he stuffing in his pockets.

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