Ben Witherington’s Review of Pagan Christianity

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It has been almost 9 years since the first edition of Viola and Barna’s book Pagan Christianity hit the shelves so I know I am behind the ball here. I had heard of this book but hadn’t really had a look at it until this year. I ran across Ben Witherington’s five part review over on his blog and asked him if I could compile it into a single pdf file and upload it. He was gracious enough to grant the permission to do that so here it is.

Ben Witherington’s Review of Pagan Christianity

John Zens wrote a response to Dr. Witherington’s review. You can read that here.

The reason I even mention this is because I think a lot of the sentiment in that book is becoming increasingly relevant. Our young adults today are willing to question any and everything. That is healthy and often necessary. It is important that we know why we do what we do and can differentiate which things are based on scripture and which things are tradition and be 100% up front and honest about both.

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