America’s Top 5 Songs – Better Find Out What Your Kids are Listening To

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I caught about 5 minutes of the last MTV music awards and had to turn it off. I decided I was officially old and out of touch with our teens. So I asked our youth minister what radio station reflected the songs teens today are listening to and I listened to it periodically for the last two months. It was eye opening. Have a look at the lyrics of the top five songs in America as of last week. I have heard all of these songs. They are played repeatedly on the radio and are listened to and requested by millions.

1 – Perfect by Pink

  • The song is about being accepted even though we make mistakes
  • That hits right at the core of youth culture today and their desire to be real and authentic, even if real is very, very messed up
  • There is an alternative version called “F***ing Perfect”

2 – Born this Way by Lady Gaga

  • First line – “It doesn’t matter if you love him or H-I-M”
    • H-I-M stands for “His infernal majesty” and can refer to Satan (see comments below)
  • The message of this song is there is nothing wrong with sin or evil. In fact, because you were born the way you are (gay, straight, or whatever) it is actually the “right track” for your life.
  • This is another song about acceptance

3 – Forget You (FU) by Cee-Lo Green

  • This is a song about rejection and the reaction of a guy who sees his ex-girlfriend with another guy
  • Some profanity, notice the (FU) in the title. That is the basic message that this song is implying toward his ex and her new boyfriend.

4 – Tonight by Enrique Iglesias

  • A song about seeing a woman on the dance floor and wanting to have sex with her. Has some explicit lyrics and profanity

5 – S & M by Rihanna

  • The title says it all.

Here is the point – I am only 32 and I had no idea all this was out there, much less that this would be the content of the five most popular songs in America. I had no idea that is what teens, even those in the church, are listening to and filling their minds with. Read the lyrics to #2 or 5 and tell me that is not disturbing. Last, this is informing the views of our young people as we compete for their attention and it is flat out evil. It is setting the norms and is one more thing that helps determine their values as they listen to these things over and over again. I know this is nothing new but we should be aware of it.

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