The Numbers Show Blogs Fall Into Two Extremes

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Since it had been three years since I did any kind of updating to my blogroll I realized there was a goldmine of data in there that could tell us something about how people blog. The reason being, this was a snapshot of who was blogging back in 2008. Were they still blogging? So I had a look and here is what I found. Blogs fall into one of two extremes with very little middle ground. To get a decent sized sample I clicked through 259 blogs that were running back in 08 and marked if their last post was in the last month, 3 months, 6 months, 6 months+ or their blog no longer existed. Here is the chart.

If I had split the 6 months up into 6-12 months, 1 year+ you would have seen even more of a “U” Shaped graph than this as there were roughly 20 people in the 6-12 month category and 26 in the 1 year+ group. There are very few people who post every 6 months or so but lots of people who have either kept with it or completely gave it up. I am amazed that 40% of those blogging 3 years ago are have posted something in the last month. That is a higher percentage than I would have guessed.

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