Theology Lessons from a Two Month Old

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Elijah is now two months old. It is hard to believe how much he has grown. We love his gummy smile and his little baby noises. While he doesn’t understand who God is yet he is sure teaching us some things about Him. Last night I was feeding Elijah and he kept trying to put his hands in his mouth. No matter how many times I moved his hands he kept putting them back before I could get the bottle in. He was fussing and fighting all the way. In doing so he was keeping me from giving him what he really needed.

The connection is pretty obvious. Sometimes God is trying to bless us or work in us our through us but we fight Him. We think we know what we need but the things we try to replace God’s blessing with are just like trying to get nourishment from gumming our fists. We keep trying it but it never works. It is not until we give up control and let God do what He needs to do in our lives that we get what we really need from God. God knows what we need and is willing to give it. We just have to be willing to get out of the way, submit ourselves to Him and receive it.

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