Great Video About Grace – Tony Campolo

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Many of you have probably seen this or heard this story before but here it is again…

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  1. Matt, thanks for the video. I’ve heard the story many times but never by Campolo himself. I’m teaching Matthew right now and I will be in chapter 9 next week and this will serve as a good modern day illustration for 9:9-13 where Jesus eats with the tax collectors and sinners.

  2. This was really funny, and I enjoyed it 🙂
    I’v been looking an english blog/website for long where people take God’s word with little humor too.
    English is not my main language (I learned it from TV,Video games, and school, of course the guy upstairs helped me hehe) so hopefully I don’t sound too much like a typical spambot heheh.(finnish is my language and that’s where I live)

    I’m not sure if my words can express how thankful I am, anyway Thanks 🙂

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