Bible Class Attendance Going Down and We Are Loving It

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People were trickling into class very slowly yesterday morning. Usually things pick up around 9:20 but the pace of people walking in the door didn’t speed up. It was clearly going to be a down day attendance wise in our 20s & 30s class. At first I was a little disappointed to see so many empty chairs. But then it occurred to me what was happening. We have so many people out doing things for others that they aren’t in our classroom right now. We have some people in the college class, purposefully forming bridges with them so they can more easily transition out of that class some day. We have people spending time in our youth group classes to get to know them. Some of our people are teaching children’s classes. Another group is meeting next door planning how we can evangelize the neighborhood surrounding our congregation.

Class attendance was way down and I love it! I love it because we have decided there is so much good that can be done if we get out of our comfort zones, get out of the walls of the classroom, and get out of just going through the motions. I am loving it because these young adults who have a passion to make a difference are getting to do that and no one is putting the breaks on them. I love it because lost people will be found, 0ur young people will make healthier transitions out of the youth and college groups, and because God is being glorified through these efforts.

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