A Failure to Communicate

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I had one of those times in class this morning that are very few and far between, thankfully. My brain just couldn’t seem to get on track. It was like I had too much to focus on, too many things running around in my head. I also had too much information. There was no way I was going to pack in all of my notes into our class time. I don’t know what I was thinking with that much material. So I had to start picking and choosing and I really did a poor job of that. So we fumbled and bumbled through Bible class this morning. Hopefully some good came of it. It reminded me of a few things that I needed:

  • Don’t neglect good questions – they were in my notes, I just didn’t bother to look
  • Stay focused – say what needs to be said with no distractions
  • Don’t over/under prepare – Keep it simple and too the point otherwise communicate can suffer
  • Don’t give up on your notes – Once I knew I didn’t have time to get it all in I dropped my notes. This can work out well in some instances but it didn’t this morning. I really should have kept with my outline and dropped side issues along the way to make up time.

Any of you had times like that when you know what you are trying to communicate but you can tell it just isn’t happening. And I have to say we have a great class because they were really trying to stay on board this morning but it was a stretch. So kudos to them for being troopers. Hopefully, I learned my lessons and won’t repeat that experience for at least a couple of years or more!

It kind of reminded me of this famous scene from Cool Hand Luke…

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  1. Any teacher that says they have never had this happen to them is either lying or hasn’t been teaching very long!! I’m sure the next class will be a better one.

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