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In case you haven’t explored the drop downs at the top of the site there is some really good info in there. Or maybe you looked at them way back when, maybe it is time to explore them again. Here is what you will find:

Bible Lessons (2 sections)

  1. The first section is the Bible class archive. This is a place where many of you have submitted Bible classes you have taught so that others can download and teach from or study your resources.
  2. The second is a collection of Small Group Lessons that I have written.

Bookstore – this is a place I have listed some bargain books, CD’s/DVD’s including some commentaries, theology books, etc. All prices are cheaper than you will find them on amazon.

Media (2 sections)

  1. Preaching links – there are dozens of links here to many well known preachers, teachers and scholars.
  2. Sermons and classes – this is a place I upload audio directly to the blog. This has some excellent sermons by everyone from Mike Cope to Jimmy Allen to Jim McGuiggan (all well known if you run in Church of Christ circles) and many more.

Tools and Resources (3 sections):

  1. Bible Study – tons of good resources, original languages, full text,
  2. Blogroll – about a zillion links to various Christian blogs
  3. Marriage and Family – links to resources in this field

About – speaks for itself

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