Jerry Starling on Maturity in Following Jesus

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Jerry gives us some insights about discipleship that I think sum things up quite well for Christians today. In a nutshell he says some Christians are following boy Jesus in the temple. The content of his childhood ministry was discussing the text with other like-minded people. From their his ministry grew. It went from talking about it to actually making a real difference: healing bodies, forgiving sins, dying & rising. This is the Jesus we are called to follow. We weren’t called to Christ to solely discuss pet issues or doctrines. We were called by the adult Jesus who knew how to make a difference and calls us to do the same. Thank you Jerry for sharing and elaborating on that profound point. I am not content to be a disciple of boy Jesus and let the content of my ministry be discussion. I want to be a difference maker in the lives of others and, just like with adult Jesus, calls me to action.

Am I about my Father’s business?

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  1. Matt, thank you for your kind remarks. Your previous posts about what you are doing in your young adult class fermented with ideas I was developing for a sermon yesterday morning. The result was the sermon – and the post you reference above. Again, thank you for your input and your link.

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