Wade Hodges Reflects on His Church Plant

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I love his openness and honesty. There is certainly much to learn from reading about what Wade experienced in a failed church plant that could certainly lead to more success for others wanting to blaze similar trails. So Wade, it is not that your trail came to an end in complete failure but your reflections can spark ideas, innovation, and advances in ministry within others who are seeking to do the same thing.

How much more could we learn if, like Wade, those who have failed would have enough humility to admit it and then teach the rest of us about what happened. You would think from many ministry related blogs that life and ministry are a continuous series of successes and that if you aren’t experiencing that you must be weird. Thanks Wade for being honest and teaching the rest of us much in the process.

It make me want to post a series on my own failures in ministry that maybe someone could learn from.

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