Elijah is Home

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Well, we have been home for a couple of days with baby Elijah. He is so, so cute and cuddly. I do think he has his days and nights mixed up right now so that is certainly a challenge. He doesn’t want to even open his eyes very much during the day when you want him to. Then at night when you are trying to sleep there are those eyes, bright and shining at you! It would be cute if we weren’t so tired. Then he has the night time pacifier game. He acts like he wants it, you stick it in, then he gags and spits it out. Then he opens up for it again…over and over and over. I could swear this kid is a clone of Jonah. When Jonah was this age he looked just like this (see below), acted just like this and even had all the same mannerisms. It is really kind of amazing how similar they are. I never figured I would have one of those clone families where all the kids looked the same even though they were years apart. God has really blessed us with this child. We look forward to the responsibilities that come with raising him, loving him, and teaching him about God.



























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  1. He is so adorable, and we’re looking forward to seeing him grow up too! Not so much looking forward to those night/day confusion times in our own near future though!

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