The Days of Elijah Are Here

Behold he comes!

Nov 15, 2010
7lb 12oz
19.5 inches

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  1. emily says:

    congratulations! what a beautiful handsome baby boy! God is good. and i can just hear the parodies now…

  2. emily says:

    by the way, you need to change your “about matt dabbs” blurb. it says you just had your first child in october. 🙂

  3. Congrats to the Dabbs family!

  4. Jerry Starling says:

    Looks like you have a red head! (I had red hair before it turned white before it turned loose!)

    Congratulations to all of you.


  5. James says:

    God bless & congratulations! Great picture.

  6. Andrew says:


  7. K. Rex Butts says:

    Congratulations…Elijah looks very peaceful.

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