Excited for the Future of the Church

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There are time on this blog that I put things that talk about how we can do better. In doing so I point out areas of weakness in the church and that can often sound negative. I hope it doesn’t come across that way but sometimes I am sure that it does. We will never grow beyond where we are unless we are willing to assess what we are doing and if there is possibly a better way to do some of the things we do or even drop some things in order to add better things.

I wanted to take a moment to say that I am very excited for the church. We are going through some transitions in our thinking at Northwest about how we communicate, how we do ministry, and our focus that I think are very godly and perfectly timed. I am excited to say that there are so many people on board and willing to lend a hand when they see what we are doing and why. I am excited that this is going to open up doors for outreach we haven’t had in a long time. It is great that our study is moving us to action. It is great that our young adults are making their faith their own and raising the bar. There are so many things going on right now that I am proud to be a part of that I can’t even list them all. I am indebted to Northwest, our elders and members. I just can’t say thank you enough.

What are you proud of or excited about in your congregation?

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  1. I’m excited to see Christ changing people who never thought they had any hope of making positive changes in their lives. I’m excited to see mature Christians becoming friends with people who struggle in life. I’m excited to see children who come to church, even when their parents don’t.

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