The Days of Elijah are Almost Here!

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It is hard to believe we will be holding our new baby boy Elijah in less than three weeks! God has been so good to us. Missy is such a great mother and wife. I don’t know how she does all that she does. Jonah is such a great son and a joy to be around. That kid knows how to make us laugh. He wants our attention so badly. I hope he doesn’t turn into a class clown some day! Elijah is going to be a treasure in our arms. We value your prayers as these next few weeks go by before delivery. Pray for Elijah and Missy and their health. Pray for me that I can be the loving, supporting husband and father that I need to be. Last, please pray for us to navigate the challenges ahead that will help us mold these two boys into strong men of God who will be leaders for righteous purposes.

In honor of his birth here are the lyrics to The Days of Elijah that Paul and I wrote in our Harding Grad days. Just sing it to the tune of Days of Elijah (possibly the best rendition ever! 🙂 and it will all work out. Remember, all this is actually in the Bible so it wasn’t us just being crass:

These are the days of Elisha,
Sending out bears to kill men.
And these are the days of that naughty,
Bathsheba, bathing, seducing David.
And these are the days of Hosea.
He had to marry a whore.
These are the days of your servant, Jonah,
who won’t be the voice of the Lord.

Behold they come, lots of bears with claws.
Woman on the roof, taking her clothes off.
Hosea’s kids, lots of awful names.
Jonah’s in a whale, it’s all insane!

These are the days of Methusaleh,
When am I going to die?
And these are the days of that strong man,
Samson, he lost his hair and his eyes.
And these are the days of Isaiah,
God told me to lay in the buff.
And these are the days of Moses’, kids,
Mom, why’d you cutt off my stuff?


Refrain (added later by Charles K):

Bathsheba take your clothes off…(repeated over and over)

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  1. I will always consider your re-imagining of the “Days of Elijah” your very best blog post. I still occasionally look it up and laugh at it.

    Congratulations on Elijah! I know you are excited.

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