It’s Not About Doing More

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As Christians we should have a strong desire to do godly things in our lives. The problem we face is that no matter how much we do we can never be good enough, holy enough, or righteous enough for God. Fortunately that is where grace comes in. Some people feel so guilty because they can’t do enough or know they could at least do more. They feel guilty because they already feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get done everything they are currently committed to so how can they add more ministry to their already busy schedules?

Everyone already does 24 hours a day of something. Obviously we can’t add a 25th hour. It really is not possible to do more in life than we already do because we are always doing something. The answer is not to do more but to do different. Instead of spending that time watching TV, surfing the net (ironic since I am typing this online), or just being lazy (which is still doing something) we can shift our priorities and activities to more godly ones. We don’t have to beat ourselves over the head because there was one minute in the day we weren’t serving others or loving God more.  But it is important that each and every day we are able to identify a way we were able to glorify God with the way we lived our life.

We also don’t all have to quit our jobs and become full time ministers in order to do ministry. Instead, we can identify areas in our workplace where doors for the Gospel appear to be opening. We can identify fields and need seed and start sowing. We can be salt and light. We can exhibit the fruits of the Spirit. We can love others as God has loved us. We can have Christ like attitudes and actions. Again, it is not about doing more. It is all about doing different.


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