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With bloglines dying November 1 I am curious to know what you guys are using as a feed reader. I have google’s with all my subscriptions in it but it just isn’t clicking for me. It seems like a waste of time to have to mark all these things as read. With bloglines I could easily and quickly get through more posts and see the text of each post very readily. I just don’t find that with google reader. Clint recommended FeedDemon in a previous post. I have it running and it is decent. That may be what I end up using as it has some nicer features than google reader. Any suggestions?

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    1. Same as Jason here… I use Google Reader… the only time I can’t readily see the text of a piece is if the author has configured their syndication to prevent it, and the only feeds I have to mark as read are ones I’ve either ended up reading at the main site or decided not to read.

    2. i’m with these guys. i never have to mark anything as read. if i click on it at all, it’s automatically marked as read. and if i get behind, i scan the post titles for what i want to read and afterwards hit “mark all as read.”

      i switched from bloglines to google reader about five months ago — and i like it a whole lot better.

      i also don’t understand what you mean by not being able to see the text of each post readily. they work the same way for me in google reader as they did in bloglines. i see the entire post unless the author has chosen to give only a partial feed (one of my pet peeves, and reason enough for me to stop reading those blogs).

  1. I’m a huge fan of the keyboard shortcuts available in Google Reader. ‘J’ takes you to the next post, ‘K’ takes you to the previous post, and ‘R’ refreshes your feeds. I can blow through a bunch of feeds very quickly that way and see all the text that the author included in the feed.

    I also enjoy the mobile option so I can check feeds on my phone (a nice distraction while I’m holding a purse outside a fitting room) and keep it synced with everything else.

  2. You guys use shortcut keys? I just scroll with the mouse wheel and click on one if I want to open it in a new tab. Seems the easiest way to me.

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