Mike Murdock – Show Me the Money

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One of the new found blessings of having cable television for the first time in six years are all the “great” religious programming we can now watch. Last week we tuned in to see the Inspiration network with Mike Murdock. He was talking about sowing our seed so that God will bring a harvest to our lives. What he was really saying was if you send money to this ministry then God will bless you financially. He was challenging people to send in $1,000 to his ministry and you would receive two things: a copy of his new book (most expensive book I have seen in a while) and financial blessing from God. He even went as far as to say if you have credit card debt, don’t send the money you owe to the card company. Instead, send it to his ministry in faith and watch how God will bless you because of your generosity.

I have to say this was the only time I have ever heard him speak and so I have to be careful about the conclusions I am able to draw from it. I did some looking online and it seemed like more of the same. It seems to be all about money. For every one reference to Jesus there are twenty or more references to giving money to his ministry. I keep asking myself how do these guys get on the air when there are so many decent people out there who really care who have no voice. I guess the networks are more interested in getting someone on air that can generate piles of cash rather than preach the truth. Sad. Have any of you heard him speak or watched more of his programming? Is this a fair representation of what he typically preaches about or did I just catch him at a bad time? It seems others have had the same impression:


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