Danny Corbitt in New Wineskins on Instrumental Music

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The latest issue of New Wineskins magazine highlights the issue of instrumental music. Danny Corbitt brought my attention to his article and I wanted to provide a link to it here. There are several other articles in this issue that are worth reading. Thanks to Mark, however, for pointing out how one-sided this issue of New Wineskins is. I don’t think you always have to give equal airtime to both sides of an issue but it is at least important to present it fairly. I was a little disappointed by how Jay framed the topic in his article On Salvation, Galatians and the Instrument,

“It’s really about who God is and his eternal plan for his people. Did God send Jesus to save us to worship a cappella? Or did he have entirely different purposes in mind? That’s the question.”

As I pointed out in the comments here, I don’t think that is really what the question boils down to. Reducing it to those two options really isn’t fair to what the debate is really all about, that either 1) God sent Jesus for the sole purpose of us worshipping a cappella or 2) God sent Jesus for something other than having us worship a cappella. Is our answer to that question really supposed to be the end of the discussion based on a false dichotomy? I respect Jay an awful lot but that one missed the mark in my opinion. As for the rest of his article, he does a solid job expounding on the implications of what Paul taught in Galatians regarding circumcision and salvation in relation to who we do and do not fellowship.

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