Andy Stanley – Liberating Your Organization

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Andy Stanley tackles changing dysfunctional organizations in this DVD from Catalyst called Liberating Your Organization. He gives some really good nuts and bolts that can practically help leaders reclaim the direction and focus on a congregational level. This goes really deep into what the real issues of the organization are, how they really work, and working through the dysfunctional components to bring health and effectiveness back to churches. I can’t think of a single church I have been a part of that wouldn’t benefit from hearing what Stanley has to say about leadership and change in this DVD.

One a side note, he does take a slap at the idea of Restoration of New Testament Christianity. It was really pretty unnecessary but if you are from that background don’t let that side note distract you from the meat in this presentation.

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  1. The idea of Restoration of New Testament Christianity was a noble idea conceived by good men. I don’t think they got it done and am not sure it needed to be done. Contrary to the idea that the church had sort of died out, (I suppose that would be reason to restore something..) in reality it was chugging right along. Jesus declared that even hell itself couldn’t stop His work in building it.

    1. Well, they couldn’t ever really get it done in the strictest sense. I agree it was certainly a noble effort by noble men. I just didn’t see why he had to take a random stab at it. If you have seen this video then you know what I am talking about. It just seemed out of place and really a little cheap. Very unusual for Andy Stanley.

      But that was not the main point of this post and I hope no one gets distracted by my mentioning it. The only reason I brought it up was so that people would be aware it was in there in case they want to show this to their elders, ministers, etc so they could be ready for it and not surprised by it. It isn’t brutal but some people would get offended.

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