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If any of you know how to get in touch with Francis Chan let me know. I have a question for him. Seriously. I have asked several people who I thought would know with no luck so far. You might think there would be a way on his website but nothing there either and now that he is no longer at Cornerstone it gets that much more difficult to track him down. If you know anything just shoot me an email – Francis, if you are reading this you can email me too πŸ™‚

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  1. Picked a bad time to try and contact him πŸ™‚ I doubt you’ll get through anytime soon, with the blitz I’m sure he’s getting from stepping down.

    Maybe via publisher?

    1. there you have it. Thanks for mentioning that. That was put up since I posted this and certainly does answer my question. If I had known that I never would have asked. Thanks again.

    2. Matt-Was your question regarding Water Baptism In Jesus Name? Charles Kelly Memphis,Tenn.

  2. I spoke with Margie at Cornerstone and she gave me the email to his assistant, whom she says is in constant communication with Francis. Margie says that his assistant will respond for sure. Her mail is —

    Now, what was/is the question? πŸ™‚

  3. I am reading and really searching for renewed direction from the Lord through the book “Crazy Love”. I am also providing books to my family and am seeking the Lord’s direction on this. However, today an issue has risen which may put the brakes” on my seeking the Lord’s will through that book. Francis Chan sets as an example the life and works of Shane Claiborne. Reading Mr. Claiborne’s own article he cllaims to be a Christ follower, yet rejects the idea of anyone going to hell (his example was a non-beleiving friend of his). How can a person go along with other supposed truths in this book if the author supports those not beleiving the gospel. Please help. Thanks

    1. I have “put on the brakes” using Rick Warren’s material, Chan’s material, Andy Stanley’s material, and many others. You know what? I have put on the brakes using my own material too. I have been in the middle of teaching a lesson I wrote myself, realized it wasn’t right and had to either apologize, backtrack, or (if I caught it before I said it) make the needed corrections on the fly. The point is, we will never agree with everyone on everything. I am sure Chan does not agree with Claiborne on everything just like I don’t agree with either of them on everything. If you have read this blog for any length of time you have probably disagreed with me on some things. Does that mean there is nothing here to promote spiritual growth? Nope. Does that mean Chan has nothing to offer? Of course not. It just means we have to be mature enough to pick the meat from the bones and discard the bones when we study a book other than the Bible. I hope that is helpful to you.

  4. If he really loved God he would be telling the real truth because that is what he is claiming to do. IF and this is a big IF If he really loves God and is claiming to preach the truth than he would be speaking against all these buildings they call churches and against the satanic concept of tithes which nowhere in the bible does it say to tithe 10% to God I REPEAT NOWHERE and having to go to school to preach or be ruled by the state by being a c301 what ever. Or that God wants you to be rich and so many other lies these false prophets called pastors which I call modern day pharisees spew out their hypocritical lies while doing not one thing for God they are a den of thieves! Show me a church that actually helps out their own let alone strangers. The Bible IS VERY CLEAR BY THEIR FRUITS YOU WILL RECOGNIZE THEM. Show me a church that helps the widow or the poor or hungry or homeless or child. Churches “buildings” are an abomination to the Lord our savior. They spend more on electricity each year than they do on helping someone that is sleeping an ally.

    1. Hey Dennis, I mean no disrespect but I would like to enlighten your thinking a little bit. The word tithe literally translates to mean “tenth” which in the law of Moses clearly states that they would tithe (which is to tithe a tenth of what they owe) to the Lord. There are certainly churches that abuse this concept, but they’re are a good number of churches that understand the true meaning of tithing, and how sacred and valuable it really is. Here are some references from the Bible on tithing 10 percent. Genesis 14:19-20, Genesis 28:20-22, Hebrews 7:1-2

    2. I’m not really sure where your information is coming from. Tithing is absolutely in the Bible. I also attend one of the five largest mega churches in the United States and we literally spend millions every single year feeding and clothing ALL of God’s people We don’t discriminate against anyone. In fact we offer classes and counseling for those that have had abortions, we offer classes that teach about the differences and similarities between us and other religions, we’re getting ready to pack over a million meals to feed and witness to the hungry. So, I feel like you might be confusing your thoughts. I pray that God will help you overcome your anger and be enlightened in His ministries.

  5. If you read some of Francis Chan’s books you’ll hear him talk against speanding money on big, wasteful church buildings. And, you’ll learn that he lives a very modest life, giving most of his money away also bringing into his home some who are in need.

    1. Francis Chan is an amazing man filled with the Holy Spirit. Francis Chan and his family don’t just preach the whole gospel they live the whole gospel.

  6. None of you guys know the truth, the Bible is not a universal book it is a history book to the Israelites, by the Israelites for the Israelites, Francis chain is a Moabite he nothing to due with the Bible. Read Matthew 15:24 Jesus said I ONLY came here for my people the children of Israel , you don’t know what the word gentile means nor the word Greek , you all have no idea what the Bible says

  7. The Bible is a collection of accounts of the true and living God. After the day of pentecost, the Holy Spirit which had inspired the prophets came into the laypersons life through the divine will of the same God. This same Spirit led a council to select the 66 books you see today to be the canonical Biblical teachings, to fully establish a doctrine that we may be rooted upon. This was done in wisdom so that we may utilise the teachings of Christ to respond to every situation, including in our modern setting. Christ’s teaching about the feast that the guests were too busy to attend is a direct reference to the fact that God wanted to swing wide the gates of heaven to the gentiles as well. We obviously respect the Jews as the people through whom God chose to make salvation available, and also their anointing as a nation of priests. I want to remind you that in Christ there is no free or slave, Jew or gentile, male or female, circumcised or uncircumcised.

  8. I want people to know, and im posting this here because I was trying to contact Francis Chan, a few biblical truths that im unable to share to the church at large because im an unknown. simply stated are the truths that the world has been taken captive to do the devils will(2 Tim 26), and people who are not free in Christ and forgiven and living a Christian life belong to the devil as the scripture points out. they are in fact minions therefore and are captive to satan. therefore it only goes with logic that television that is made by the unsaved only will by necessity have content that glorifies all manner of ungodly behaviour from swearing, to murder, violence, immorality including sexual, perversion etc. I appreciate that people want to live the Christian lifestyle but we are strangers and aliens in this world in which we temporarily live and the general so called Christian has church as an add on to his life. tv is obviously from the devil with its content and if you imagine you are strong enough to watch it then you are deluding yourself. it corrupts, it inculcates negative satanic values and perspectives and surely there are better ways to spend your time in God’s will. The bible states if you love the world or the things of the world then the love of the Father is not in you(1 John 2:15). we need to make a choice to separate ourselves from the corrupting influences of this satanic imprisoned world system and find our fullment in the great commission and fellowship and the wide variety of things a believer can do to seek and walk out Gods will in their life. Also the love of self, selfish ambition, etc. seeking to own a great house and car and get your fulfilment out of and from selfish ambition. if we truly are aliens and strangers and this is a temporary living arrangement then we need to look at our lifestyles and seek the Lord as to living out a biblical Christian lifestyle. if you consider sports Christian then you don’t realise that these are people whose sole purpose is to better someone else by being faster or stronger or kicking a ball between two posts(surely there are better ways to spend your time) these people throw fits(an outworking of sin) get violent(obviously sinful) and just generally are only concerned selfishly with winning (the fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. if any thing you are participating in does not reflect it then ditch it. its a hard call but its heaven or hell. the world and its system is and will pass away and only things done in obedience to Christ through His empowerment will endure. seek the Lord. God bless. its a tough road but its better than anaesthetising yourself through this satanic bread and circuses system. I hope that this is seen and read and that it is taken seriously because many people are deluded and think that the sins in tv and all the rest including sports and money seeking lifesyles, the sins that our Lord Jesus shed His blood for are fine with God when in fact He hates the sin and it is so serious that Jesus had to Die to pay the penalty for. don’t be deceived by your pastor or anyone else. look up the scriptures and pray about what I have shared. Callum

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