Nudge by Leonard Sweet

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Have any of you read Leonard Sweet’s book Nudge? There are some really good things in this book about evangelism, listening to God, etc. But I just never get the feeling that this book lives up to its billing. I don’t feel revolutionized in the least. I can’t help but think this book could have been written as a series of at least 10 other books. I say that because it feels like Sweet is going a mile wide and an inch deep in so many places in this book. The problem I am having reading this book is that it never feels to me like Sweet is settling down anywhere at all. There are at between three and eight illustrations, not in each chapter, but on each page! I just opened the book to a random page and counted seven different quotes, illustrations, or examples on that one page! It is overkill. Instead of offering a few key images or illustrations in and settling down to deal with them he jumps all over the place. There are nuggets here and there that keep me reading but it feels too much like spiritual and scriptural ADD to keep me in this book for too long.

I will pull out a few of the gems here on the blog but I don’t intend to deal with the book as a whole because I really can’t wrap my mind around thousands of loosely connected examples and illustrations. Has anyone else experienced this with this book?

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