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I wanted to put a plug out there for the Soularize CD set. It is a “conference in a box” and can be purchased for less than $20 (Promo code = VB50). This has audio from N.T. Wright, Frank Viola, Brennan Manning, and others. Here are the sermons/classes that are on the CD:

  1. The Kingdom of God (Acts Part 1) – NT WRight
  2. Paul’s engagement of the hellenistic world (Acts Part 2) – NT Wright
  3. Salvation (Acts Part 3) – NT Wright
  4. Paradise: A Historical Perspective – Rita Brock
  5. Saving Paradise- Rita Brock
  6. The Story of God’s Garden- Rita Brock
  7. Abba Father – Brennan Manning
  8. We are all called to the healing ministry- Brennan Manning
  9. Christian transformation – Richard Rohr
  10. Non-dualistic thinking- Richard Rohr
  11. The Practice of Meditation (Part 1)- Richard Rohr
  12. The Practice of Meditation (Part 2)- Richard Rohr
  13. Jesus,  Homosexuality, and the future of the church – Round Table
  14. Holistic and integrated understanding – Frank Viola
  15. Narrative Ecclesiology – Michael Dowd
  16. Thank God for Evolution – Jim Palmer
  17. Divine Nobodies – Mark Scandrette
  18. Living in the ways of the kingdom – Garith Higgins
  19. Spirituality in film – Spencer Burke
  20. Retail Christianity or Wholesale Love?

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