Spiritual Growth Workshop Orlando 2010

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We are back from SGW and it was one of the best ones in a few years. The keynotes were a step up (including Randy Harris) and the classes were very well done and well attended. It was great seeing people like Bob Bliss, Jerry Starling, Steve Puckett, Jerry and Lynn Jones, Harold Shank, Fred McClure, Jim Hollway, Joe Roberts, James Moore, and many more. I even ran into my half-sister’s mother who I hadn’t seen since I was 3! Seriously. That was amazing.

Donny Dillon, Eric Brown and myself did a panel discussion on practical ministry to 20s & 30s. Both sessions were very well attended with not an empty seat in the room. Okay, it was a small room…but it was full! 🙂 That was really a testament to how needed this information is that people showed up to hear it more than it was a testament to any spectacular wisdom or knowledge the three of us possess on this subject. It also began a practical dialog that I hope will be taken home to many congregations in the southeast so that churches will get serious about making an effort to reaching out to post-moderns.

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