Blessed by Blogging Disagreements

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There have been several posts in the last week that several people have had disagreements with. I am really happy about that. The reason is not because I like disagreement but because people have been so kind. Usually when people on blogs or websites disagree there is this kind of slow-motion shouting match that takes place. It would be really awkward in real life but somehow people think it is alright online toward someone you don’t know or will never meet. Imagine disagreeing with someone in person where you shout something at them. They wait a few hours and shout something back. Slowly the shouting match unfolds. Online disagreements usually happen that way and I don’t ever read them and walk away feeling better about things.

So thanks to Dave, Hank, Nick and Theophilus who have been in dialog on several recent posts in the most respectful and caring way. Thank you for your desire to please God. Thank you for your respect for scripture. Thank you for caring enough to try to help me see the light! That means a lot to me. I hope I haven’t said anything in any of it that was taken in any way except with love and respect because that is what I try to do here. Thanks again for blessing me.

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