Frank Peretti on Moral Relativism

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When I was in high school, I would listen to focus on the family on my 20 minute drive to school. If it was really, really good I would tape it later that evening when it was replayed. I am sure dozens of you did this when you were 16, right? Anyway, my favorite talk was by Frank Peretti called “God’s way or My Way” and it was all about moral relativism, new age and the occult. I ran across this video of Peretti talking about moral relativism and thought I would share. Curious to get your feedback…

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    This prayer is from Jesus that we may here from Him, that He may meet our needs. It only consist of three simple steps.

    1) We need to read one scripture. This will focus us in the word that brings everlasting life.

    2) Since this prayer is from Jesus we need to direct our prayer to Him personally. Too often Christian focus they’re prayer’s to G_D the father. Scripture proclaims that Jesus should be the focus of our prayer.

    3) The simplest part of this Prayer is to ask Jesus one question. Please, all that is required for this question is to make it simple. Let Jesus Himself finish the question when He gives you that understanding through prayer.

    The PRAYER

    The scripture that is the focus of this prayer is “ACTS 2:38”. It’s not necessary to do any study into this scripture. Jesus Himself will bestow the understanding that will resonate in your heart.

    The most important part of this prayer is that we need to direct our prayer directly to Jesus. If you normally would say Father in your prayer, change your focus from the Father to Christ Jesus by lifting Jesus name up every time you would normally use Father in your prayer.

    Maybe the hardest part of this prayer is the question that we need to ask Jesus. For man as we are, always try to understand the question and may add many additional quires. The simplest question is all that is required.

    Simply ask Jesus ‘WHY’

    1. T,

      While I appreciate your willingness to leave a comment, I often wonder why people copy and paste the same comment all over the internet. It just leaves the comment seeming a bit lifeless to me. Some might call it spam. I will certainly leave it here because I appreciate your willingness to share.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Matt. It’s a very concrete illustration of this concept that so many these daze seem to have a tough time grasping — especially those who came after the Boomers.

    I’m hoping that adding this to my quiver will help in communicating with those who have been indoctrinated with the -ism’s that Peretti mentions.

    On camera, relatively close-up, his gyrations seem over the top, but with as many years I’ve spent in theatre, I know that for his audience all the way to the back row to “read” his actions, he has to be expansive.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Do you know where I can get a copy of the audio of the talk God’s Way or My Way? I’ve been looking for it but I can’t find it.

    1. I was thinking the same thing…I had no idea how he looked until I saw this. That changes everything! I would love to have heard that presentation in person. He has crazy amounts of energy and expression.

  3. Matt, I too grew up loving God’s Way or My Way! I copied it from Focus on the Family and still listen to it at least once a year. I practically have it memorized. Thanks for posting the video! Any idea where I can find more sermons online from Peretti? Thats how I found your blog. I’m looking for more! 🙂


    1. I had this thing memorized in high school. Ha…good to hear I wasn’t the only one. I don’t know any other place you can find his material except on youtube. If you find any let me know. I haven’t done the most thorough search.

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