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Free Book – Crazy Love by Francis Chan

May 26th, 2010 · No Comments · Books, Christ, Christianity, Church, God, Religion, Theology

Add a comment to this post for a chance to win a copy of Crazy Love by Francis Chan. This book is a great reminder of how much God loves us and the life that should result from that understanding. It is a great read! These books are provided by those of you who purchase materials, DVD’s, books and electronics through my amazon affiliate program/kingdom living book store. You have until Saturday to post a comment.

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  • Jerry Starling

    I love your book give-away! (Especially since you sent me the book the last time.)
    Keep it up.

    • Jerry Starling

      By the way, I have scheduled a post on Job to appear tomorrow – and put a link on it to your post, God’s 53 Questions.

  • Roger Butner

    Thanks for the book offer, Matt! I have heard so much about this book and the author, but have yet to read it.

  • ozziepete

    Hi, I’ve been considering it for a class in the fall. Should my more conservative members expect to have their world rocked? Or will it challenge everyone without upsetting the doctrinal apple cart?

    • mattdabbs

      I don’t think anyone would be offended by the doctrine…at least not anyone reasonable. If someone wants to be offended, they can find something to offend them anywhere they look. This book is willing to step on toes by presenting scriptures that were intended to do that in an honest way. It is also a very encouraging book.

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  • bms

    I would love the chance to read this book!

    Thanks Matt!

    —Brad Schrum

  • Glenn Leatherman

    I also would like to read “Crazy Love.” I have heard much about Francis Chan but have not read him. I would be blessed to receive a copy.

  • William

    I believe that all LOVE is CRAZY in some form, one way or another.

    PS I enjoy your blog.

  • Jayaraj

    Dear Brother ,
    Can I get that free Book . thank you for your lessons through your website. I am learning many things . pls continue to pray for us …

    • mattdabbs

      In these giveaways, we pick a number and see whose comments is that number. That’s who gets it. So if you get picked, I will send it to you.

  • Charlotte Willard

    I am so very blessed and highly favored!!! it is so awesome to have such a mighty man like God in my life. Yeah, i thank God daily for dying on the cross for me. Your book is great. our pastor of Solid Rock Christian Church in Boiling springs sc. has been showing us some incredible videos by louie giglio. i had no idea that this book Crazy Love coresponds with it. I am looking to get a copy for most everyone interested in reading this book asap. I want everyone to be on fire for god as my daughter and i are. I cant afford the price of the book just praying someone will come thru for us. i recieved my book for free from some rebsite and do not remember which one. my daughter recieved hers free from the army gaurd in which she was in at one time. she ended up with honorable discharge due to some injuries. please keep us in your prayers and if you can give up any books that would be awesome. is there a study guide available as well.
    Thanks Charlotte Willard
    108 cemetery rd.
    cowpens sc 29330

    p.s. looking for many more blessings! God is so good.!!! i do suggest all who has read this book check out the videos by louie giglio.

  • Florence Bugembe

    I just heard about Francis Chan on Friday 3rd Sept, and i am amazed at the truths he talks about. Would love a free copy of his book and i know i am way late for the Saturday deadline. but i am hoping you will be kind enough to send me a copy nonetheless

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