Suggestions for College Bible Class Curriculum

I am on a search for decent college Bible class curriculum. This can be a book, workbook, or DVD study. It can be textual or topical. Toss out there things you have seen work well for college age Bible classes. I am already well tuned in with the Rob Bell, Andy Stanley and Francis Chan material. Anything else? Also, what material do you know has been put out by church of Christ outfits that is decent for this age?

I think it is important we work off recommendations on these things so we don’t all waste education budget money on resources that are sub-par. Any thoughts?

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  1. joe Palmer says:

    “Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts” by Les and Leslie Parrot 7 week class but it is long about 90 minutes.

  2. Lantz Howard says:

    Convergence is a new DVD series that I have personally enjoyed, but has received mixed reviews from our small group. However, the conversations in the DVD’s and the questions they pose can be a good catalyst for great conversation. I have a friend who is using it for his college class and it seems to be useful for him. I would not recommend this for groups below the college age.

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