Pepperdine Lectures 2010 Audio Available

Pure Logic Video has the Pepperdine lectures. A bit pricey but if there is something you really wanted to catch it is at least cheaper than a flight, hotel, meals, etc…You don’t even have to wade through the crowd to hear it like you are on the front row with this high quality audio!

I think they got Eddie Randolph and the Magos ladies switched on the first 3:15 spot. Not sure if anyone caught that. Wasn’t Eddie supposed to be speaking on “Choosing to be Beautiful”?

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  1. Yeah…

    I say it’s outrageous in the age of iTunes & podcasting that I would pay $8 for any single lecture.

    I’ll just catch all these guys when their next sermon posts each week via iTunes or RSS…

  2. says:

    That’s Amazing!!! I Love It Buddy.

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  4. WesWoodell says:

    I wish all lectureships posted their audio for free … *sigh*

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