Pepperdine Lectures 2010 Audio Available

Pure Logic Video has the Pepperdine lectures. A bit pricey but if there is something you really wanted to catch it is at least cheaper than a flight, hotel, meals, etc…You don’t even have to wade through the crowd to hear it like you are on the front row with this high quality audio! I […]

Reading Revelation – Putting Yourself in Their Shoes

One of the biggest difficulties in understanding Revelation is our lack of familiarity with several things: Old Testament prophesy, intertestamental literature, Jewish tradition, and Greco-Roman political and religious mythology. It is very easy to read Revelation without tapping into a good commentary that has taken these things into account when appropriate and miss the point. […]

Book Recommendation – How Did We Get the Bible by Tracy Sumner

Jim wanted me to look through this book to see if it is something we might want to buy in bulk for interested people at Northwest. I am amazed by how much quality and unbiased information they packed into this little book. Sumner covered the contents of each book of the Bible, inspiration, canonization, and […]

Wade Hodges on Wednesday Night Service

Wade shares some insights on the Wednesday night difference with his church plant vs. a traditional established congregation. “A dirty little secret among many church staffers is that Wednesday night is their least favorite night of the week. Why? Because they have to carry on mid-week programming that doesn’t fit into the overall mission strategy […]