Hannah’s Story

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I love the story of Hannah. In light of Mother’s Day coming up I think it is such a great story. Antagonized barren woman prays to God for a son. Corrupt priest who named his first son “tadpole” can’t even recognize praying when he sees it. He accuses her of being drunk but no…she is really just praying. He gives her a blessing from God that comes true. She conceives and gives birth to a son who she names, “God heard.” At the age of three she takes him to the temple and drops him off to be raised by Eli, the incompetent priest. I am not sure I would drop my son off at the nursery for an hour with Eli much less to let him raise him. You really have to trust God to leave your three year old to be raised by a guy like that (tadpole’s daddy, remember?).

You just have to love a story like that one. I wish my birth story was that interesting.

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