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It is a HUGE challenge trying to figure out which Bible class and small group curriculum to purchase. Let’s make a list of the curriculum we have used that we know are quality. Most of us don’t like tossing large amounts of money at something from our church education budgets unless we know it is good. But how do you know unless you have a recommendation from someone who has used it? In the comments section, list any good Bible class or small group curriculum you have purchased that you would recommend to others and I will compile them in this list. We will start with video-based curriculum.

Recommended DVD Curriculum

Nooma: Rob Bell

These were extremely popular in our 20s & 30s ministry. They are short, relevant and thought provoking.

Francis Chan

Dan Kimball

Ray Vander Laan

These DVD’s are on location in the Holy Land. These are extremely popular and would work well in an adult Bible class or small group setting.

Tommy Nelson

Classic material for teaching a marriage class or wanting a good study of the Song of Solomon. This is very, very practical and handled in a mature and biblically accurate way.

Andy Stanley & Northpoint:

Lee Strobel

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  1. Hi, We’re just finishing off our project to make a YouTube video about every book of the Bible, fronted by University scholars.

    They’re not an official curriculum… Just fun, interesting and educational with no agenda other than sharing information…

    Oh, and free!

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