We Need More Finger Pointing…to Scripture

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But instead of pointing fingers of judgment toward those we disagree with, we need more fingers pointing to scripture. When it comes to disagreements, especially among brothers, we have to keep pointing to scripture and keep personal attacks and agendas out of it as much as possible. When you point someone to scripture, they are forced to wrestle with that. If done in love, it is a lot harder to be defensive toward scripture than it is to be defensive over personal attacks. When it comes to hot button issues, we need more fingers pointing at scripture in order to discern what God has revealed to us regarding various issues. Second, we need never forget to point the finger at ourselves, when necessary. We have to take a good look at ourselves and make sure that we aren’t doing something even worse than the very things we condemn. David condemned a man in Nathan’s story for killing a sheep, while he was guilty of murdering a man and committing adultery. David was quick to point fingers in judgment, not realizing that when he did so, he was really pointing at himself.

This does not mean that we don’t care about sin. It means we care even more about what God thinks about sin, but first we have to get our own house in order and realize that those we sit in judgment of are often in the process of trying to do the same. Many times God is more patient with people than we are. My prayer is for patience, that God would allow me the wisdom to treat people with love and mercy and grace in recognition of the fact that he has done so for me on thousands of instances.

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