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We all know that 1-2 hours a week to grow our faith isn’t sufficient. I have been feeling the pull for a while to find ways to help people grow and continue the discussions once Bible class has ended. One of the things I am going to try is a blog for our 20s & 30s group at Northwest. My initial focus is on making a place they can come and further discuss things they learned in class or things they are learning in their own study at home. It will also be a place we can post links to resources discussed in class to further equip them to study the Bible on their own. Have any of you tried this? What would you recommend?

Northwest 20s & 30s

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  1. Clint P. says:

    We’ve used our Facebook group as a place to post discussions. It has worked pretty well because many of the members spend a lot of time there anyway.

  2. Steve says:

    I would be interested in hearing out this turns out!

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