Praying Against God’s Best Interests

If the top 5 most spiritually shaping moments of my life were times of great difficulty why is it I often pray against those very things from happening? The death of loved ones, accidents, and health difficulties are things most of us pray against regularly and yet when most Christians are asked what their most formative times were spiritually these events are often the centerpiece or catalyst for that growth. That doesn’t make it wrong to pray for our loved ones to be safe when they travel or to be free from illness but even more than that we should be praying for each other’s souls and spiritual well being.

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  1. James Wood says:

    You had to come right out and say it, didn’t you! 🙂

    I don’t LIKE this, but it’s true. I’ve prayed fervently, many times, for God to do something, and it doesn’t happen. One of those times led to me finishing college and getting married (because God didn’t give me what I wanted).

    We’re currently in this very position – we’ve been praying for months that God would give us a job in Europe . . . nothing yet. What are you up to God?

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