Bible Class Archive Just Keeps Growing

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These updates will slow down eventually, I promise! I just get excited as more and more material comes in to the Bible Class Archive. In the last 5 days the material in the archive has grown by over 30%. That’s pretty phenomenal and it is thanks to those of you who took an interest and submitted material. Here are the current stats:

  • 24 Lesson Series
  • 283 Lessons
  • 910 pages!

Keep them coming! If you get a chance, stop by the blogs of these authors and let them know you appreciate them giving their material away free of charge. Don’t forget, tomorrow the winner of the book giveaway will be announced around 9:00 am! So put your comment in on this post to be eligible.

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  1. I am not sure how much I have to contribute but I am trying to write a series titled “A Christian Respone to Suffering” which has an introductory post and then will be followed by five subsequent posts on listening, lament, empathy, compassionate service, and hopeful living. Of course, you are free to use anything on my blog you think might be helpful. Here are the links to the first posts in the series (the next four are yet to come):

    Grace and peace,


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