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I don’t know about you but I have roughly a dozen Christian bloggers, writers, and newsletter people who have added me to their email list unsolicited. All in all these don’t really do any harm and some have been rather helpful. But when I turn things around it just doesn’t make sense to me that someone wouldn’t ask me if I even wanted to receive these emails. Would it be right of me to click the email subscription button on my blog and add all my contacts to my blog subscription list? I don’t think so. You hate to email a brother and ask to be taken off a list. So if you have this same issue here is the solution I came up with some time back. You make a folder in your email account for these lists, create a filter for them that automatically takes any of those emails and puts it in there for you. When you feel like seeing if anything interesting is in there take a look. Then your inbox doesn’t get full from these unsolicited distribution lists. Best of both worlds.

What’s your take on unsolicited email subscriptions? Do you get them? How do you handle them?

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