Free Book Giveaway – Restoring Joy by Gordon MacDonald

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I am very happy to announce the first ever book giveaway on the blog! There is a book that is near and dear to my heart that has been helpful to me in life and ministry. It is called Restoring Joy by Gordon MacDonald and it is a compilation of three of his best-selling books in one. It contains the full texts of:

Ordering Your Private World

Renewing Your Spiritual Passion

Rebuilding Your Broken World

If you are interested in receiving a copy of this book comment on this post and a winner will be randomly selected on Friday. Funds for these giveaways are thanks to those of you who purchase through the amazon links within this blog that are found on the right sidebar and also and under first section in the Bible Study Tools tab at the top of the blog. 100% of those proceeds go back to blog readers. I thought about giving away a copy of Crazy Love by Francis Chan but I think Restoring Joy is all around better even though it is a bit older. Crazy Love will be up for the next giveaway.

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    1. Clint,

      You may or may not like this book better. All I know is, I read both and this one was more what I needed to hear at the time I read it. Both books are powerful.

  1. I’ve never read a Gordon MacDonald book. In fact I’ve never heard of him up here in the Great White North. Being that you recommend it ,and with a title like Restoring Joy, it sounds like delightful reading by the fireplace after shoveling snow!

    1. Jayaraj,

      You just missed the cutoff on getting your name in the running. Clint R is going to get the book this time around. It will probably be a couple months before there is another offering. Have a look at and you can order this book.

  2. hi matt. as much as i would love to have this book, what i’m really looking for is how to contact gordan macdonald. do you know of an email address or facebook page that i could send him a message?

  3. These books are something that I needed in restoring my spiritual passion. I used to minister before and returning this time in the ministry. I believe that these compilation of books will refresh, restore and rebuild my passion for the King and His Kingdom.

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