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Bible Class Archive Now Active

February 12th, 2010 · No Comments · Bible, Bible Resources, Bible Study, Christianity, Church, Church of Christ, New Testament, Old Testament, Religion, Teaching

A new tab has been included at the top of the blog called “Bible Class Archive“. This is a place we will be posting Bible classes and studies free of charge. I have already included several studies and will be adding more over the next few weeks. I also expect to get submissions for those of you who teach and write your own curriculum. If you would like to submit your material send it on attachment to my email and I will post it in pdf –

I also hope this will be a resource for Christians outside the United States. I get a lot of requests for material from people in India and Africa. Now we will have a place to point them when they request material to be sent as they can download and print this material free of charge. See the Bible Class Archive for more details and feel free to submit any studies you would like to see included. The Small Group Lesson page is also still active although there will be some overlap between the two.

So far there are lessons on Acts, Romans, Philemon and James. Send your lessons in .doc or .pdf and they will be uploaded.


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  • Richard Kruse

    Thanks for this service which I’m confident will bless far more around the world than you will ever know this side of eternity.


  • jamesbrett

    matt, i think this is a great idea and a wonderful thing. i’m sure it will bless many. i’ll certainly be checking in occasionally; though i won’t be posting anything — the way i prepare lessons probably isn’t conducive to other people using them.

    i have one question about all this, though — just because i’m curious: are you going to do any kind of screening for these lessons, or are you going to post absolutely anything you’re sent? and if you are going to screen, i’m curious what will be your deciding factors as to which make the cut?

  • Philip Cunningham III

    Nice job, Matt. I’ve got a running study on love that I’m pretty proud of. I’ll have to get that together in .pdf format and get that to you. Basically sort of walking through the book, “The Love Dare.” I’ve got good response.

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