I Need to Follow My Own Advice

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Jonah is only 1 and doesn’t understand me yet but I still give him little bits of life wisdom. One of those nuggets of wisdom from his dad is that he has to protect his head! He is so active he manages to bump his head into just about everything. Today I was playing disc golf, threw a drive down the fairway toward the basket. I was watching it as I walked off the tee and walked right into the edge of the steel sign that gives information on the hole. It put quite a knot on my head and bled quite a lot. It never really hurt so much but it reminded me that some times we are better at giving advice than taking it. At least it might give me some direction on a Halloween costume, “Hey, nice work making that gash look so real!” “It is.”

One of the challenges in preparing lessons, sermons, and even blog posts is you are the first member of the audience. If you don’t allow the material to stretch, challenge and grow your faith first then the lesson is not ready to be presented. It is harder to take our own advice and put it into practice than it is to try to sound so smart and wise to others.

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