Gospel of John 6:16-24 Jesus Walks on Water

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This morning as I was reading about Jesus walking on the water it hit me how unusual this was. Normally people walking on water would be an unusual experience. But after having read and heard this story at least 100 times somehow it loses its sense of wonder. After all, this is the same guy who conquers death in about a dozen more chapters so what’s a bunch of water to him?

Then the application struck me. How often do I expect Jesus to show up in my storms in only the expected way. In other words do I really think Jesus needs a boat and paddles in order to row alongside my boat in the tough times? I am coming to realize my Lord is not a fan of paddling. He is a fan of being present in ways that are the most powerful and most beneficial to us in our storms.

Some time back I stopped praying God would guide the hands of doctors to heal people. It just seemed too small, like God really needed hands of men to heal (not that he can’t use those!) but couldn’t really do it all by himself. What is easiest to see when it comes to others is often the hardest to see when it comes to ourselves. It is time for me to expect more from God because he has already been giving it…I just get in the way of seeing it for myself. Time to stop looking for boats to row alongside and time to start looking out on the water for Jesus coming my way to be present with me in the ways I often least expect.

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  1. One friend of mine, Stan Clanton, has often said, “We spend more time praying to keep saints out of heaven than to keep sinners out of hell!”

    I agree that we do not need to pray for guidance for doctors. If healing comes through doctors, fine! But we must remember that the ultimate healer is God Himself!


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