Gospel of John – Tidbits from Chapter 6

Passover/Exodus parallels in John 6: John 6:4 tells us the Passover was near. The events that follow are the feeding of the 5000, Jesus walking on water, and then questions about mana and eating Jesus body. If you remember back to the book of Exodus the order of events went something like this: Passover meal […]

Gospel of John 6:16-24 Jesus Walks on Water

This morning as I was reading about Jesus walking on the water it hit me how unusual this was. Normally people walking on water would be an unusual experience. But after having read and heard this story at least 100 times somehow it loses its sense of wonder. After all, this is the same guy […]

David Lipscomb’s Conference on Preaching Gets a Thumbs Up

I was happy to read this comment from Scot McKnight at Jesus’ Creed this morning, “This weekend I attended a conference at Lipscomb University on Reclaiming the Imagination and the focus was on Wisdom, wisdom literature in the Bible, and preaching. It was the best conference I’ve attended ever.” That is quite a statement from […]