Biblegateway, Can you Please Fix Genesis 2:7 in the NIV?

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Biblegateway is an amazing tool and is something I use just about every day. I have emailed them twice over the last year or so asking them to fix Genesis 2:7 in the NIV and somehow such a glaring mistake still hasn’t been fixed. Here is what they have for that verse:

“the LORD God formed the man The Hebrew for man (adam) sounds like and may be related to the Hebrew for ground (adamah) it is also the name Adam (see Gen. 2:20). from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” [LINK]

Notice anything strange about that? Other than the footnote being included IN the text it is a pretty descent translation. So, Biblegateway, thank you for spoiling me time and time again with all of your wonderful features, great variety of translations, and even some online commentaries. Can you please fix this one little detail so we don’t end up with this footnote in someone’s Bible reading on Sunday morning, in a diatribe against the NIV and its adding and deleting from the text, or some poor kid memorizing this verse wrong for Sunday school and never quite getting it right the rest of his life?

Update – if it appears correct in your browser, hit refresh a few times and eventually you will see the footnote jump up into the text. I have tried this in Firefox and IE and it has done it in both. So at times it appears correct but if you try it again, it messes up to the quote I gave above. Weird.

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  1. It didn’t even show verse seven, just the footnote. Is that what your talking about. BTW the first time I clicked on the link it was fine (thought you had lost it brother:)) and just closed it then finished reading your post (shame on me for jumping to conclusions :I ) then reclicked it and BAM just like you said – footnote in text. Maybe AGBC needs to burn gateway on halloween too ;P

  2. A man goes to see his doctor. He says, “Doctor, my arm hurts when I hold it up like this.” Doctor says, “Quit holding your arm up like that!” I didn’t get the footnote version when I first went to the site. I did after several (5) refresh hits. So don’t hit the refresh button so many time! 🙂

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