Bobby Valentine on Worship that (Dis)Pleases God

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Great thoughts from Bobby V on worship. An excerpt,

Can a person perform worship acts incorrectly, or the wrong acts altogether, and still be pleasing to God?” Another form of this question is “Can a person be baptized for the wrong reason and be pleasing to God?

I think the question is misframed from the start. I compare this framing of the question to the lawyer who is “leading the witness” in a court setting. The framing of the question distorts the testimony of Scripture. In answer to THAT misframed question the answers are …

Clearly there are worship acts that are displeasing to God. Clearly there are worship acts that are wrong.

HOWEVER The question is, rather, does the Biblical narrative testify to people 1) either leaving a worship act “undone” 2) or performing a worship “act” incorrectly … and being accepted by God inspite of the reality that is is wrong? THIS IS THE QUESTION.

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  1. Our whole life is intended to be worship to God, therefore, anything we do not surrender to Him displeases Him. Nevertheless, because he is merciful and gracious as our loving heavenly father, he helps us in our weakness to overcome and be fully surrendered. A fully surrendered life is one that truly worships him.

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