Jeremy Schopper Calls for Intellectual Honesty and Spiritual Maturity in Dealing With Our Young People

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Here is the link. I love it when people speak their mind. I think we have gotten better at what he is talking about but we still have a way to go.

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    1. Hey, this reminds me. I was talking with Daniel today, and he said that Kathy found a blog entry of your’s while doing a search on some topic the other night. She didn’t recognize what she’d found at first. But she read it, and thought, “Now that’s right on target.” And then she looked down at the first comment, and it was by “Houston Heflin.” And she was like, “What’s this???” And she scrolled up & saw your picture.

      We thought that was funny. She said she almost left a comment, but she saw that it was serious discussion happening in the comment section & she didn’t want to interrupt.

      How cute, huh?

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