Kingdom Living Takes the 3 Spot on the Top Biblioblogs List

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The Biblioblog Top 50 saw fit to add Kingdom Living to their rankings of biblioblogs. The result? Third place on a list of over 300 blogs! That is all thanks to you guys for continuing to stop by and read and encourage here. There are many excellent blogs on the list. I hope next time around they will consider adding Jay Guin’s blog to the list as he would rank very well and would probably qualify as a biblioblog.

Here are the top 10 according to the Biblioblog list:

  1. Jim West
  2. Joel Watts
  3. Matt Dabbs
  4. Jeff Oien
  5. Mark Goodacre
  6. Daniel McClellan
  7. Airton Jose da Silva
  8. James McGrath
  9. Josh Mann
  10. Nick Norelli

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